When developers habitually don’t know what to do, or don’t have enough detail to do it properly, certain chaos ensues. Use cases, agile user stories, business requirements, product backlogs, requirements catalogues; the title doesn’t matter, but someone needs to produce it. You don’t have anyone taking care of the software requirements? That’s cool, it’s what we do.

A compelling product vision will be developed through interaction with users and the business, and well defined software requirements and a realistic delivery schedule will naturally follow. Navigating organisational complexity and political decision-making will clear the way for software development to proceed at pace, and we’ll sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.

Who we help

Engineering managers, technical leads, consultancy account managers; anyone with a small to medium-sized software development team, who are building enterprise applications or integrating back office systems, often outsourced and offshored, that is struggling to meet expectations and who need to improve matters, quickly.

What to expect

Expect your developers to quickly start building the right thing, and continue doing so. Expect your developers to know exactly what to do and be well-supported when doing it. Expect development ready software requirements, something you may not have seen before. Expect your team to be much better off, now and in the longer term.

When to hire us

Hire us when the success of your business depends on high-quality software development. Hire us when poor-quality workmanship and high levels of rework are the norm. Hire us when you can no longer tolerate broken features, slow delivery, and increasing technical debt. Hire us when the cost to your bottom line of doing nothing makes our rates look small. Hire us when you want a good night’s sleep.

What we charge

Fair and transparent pricing is important, which is why we publish a rate card. It’s £1500 per day for contracts less than 3 months, otherwise it’s £700 per day for longer-term engagements. These prices are exclusive of UK VAT.

Woking, Surrey, GU22, United Kingdom